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Our Plan


Our mission is to work together to achieve our community goals now and into the future. We understand that we are stronger together and can achieve more when working in collaboration. We will build on our current partnerships and shared values for the betterment of Albury and Wodonga.


In 2017, AlburyCity and Wodonga Council finalised reviews of their Community Strategic Plan and Council Plan respectively.

The reviews involved months of consultation with the community, key stakeholders and relevant state agencies. This helped to see what had changed since the last strategic plans and enabled a look at new priorities for the future.

The final documents were adopted by Councils earlier in 2017. There were a number of consistent messages and themes throughout the two documents, one of which was the community’s desire for the two councils to partner and plan for future growth.

Wodonga 2033 and Albury 2030 were developed by listening to the aspirations of the community.

Regional Priorities

The consultation also revealed regional priorities. This is what residents say are most important to them. These results have helped inform the goals of this combined strategic plan.

Economic development, including investment and jobs growth
Infrastructure, including roads, drains and footpaths
Health and health services
Sport and recreation
Education and training
Planning and managing growth
Public transport
Natural environment


A Community Strategic Plan has been developed. It provides for a combined strategic direction for the one community by exploring the commonality and alignment of the existing Albury 2030 and Wodonga 2033 Community Strategic Plans.

The opportunity to develop a “one community” model with improved integration, productivity and social and economic development focussed on future growth is seen as something that will continue to benefit both communities.

This collaborative approach will ensure the two councils are well positioned to take advantage of future government funding opportunities to improve infrastructure and growth.

Monitoring & Review

As part of council’s budget process, The Action Plan will be reviewed annually and made available to the community for comment before being finalised.

There will be six-monthly progress reports to council and updates will also be included in the annual reports of both councils. The public can access this information from either council or online.

This site will enable the community to learn more about the partnership agreement as well as providing updates on projects and joint initiatives. The site will also provide a platform for members of the public to present their ideas for even greater collaboration between the two councils.

Our Community Strategic Plan defines our Two Cities One Community mission and the long-term goals for our partnership.

The Two Cities One Community Action Plan 2017-2021 has been adopted. This Action Plan details our shared long-term goals.

We have developed an Action Plan for 2021-2022 and separated these into our operational projects, and those projects that are more strategic and ongoing.

2021-2022 Operational Action Plan

2021-2022 Strategic Action Plan