Partnering in Leadership

In talking with our communities while developing the Albury 2030 Community Strategic Plan and Wodonga 2033 Vision, we heard a clear message that the councils should work more closely together to achieve a number of goals under the four pillars of Our Economy, The Environment, Our Community and Partnering in Leadership.

The actions listed underneath these goals indicate the ways in which we hope to work together to achieve these aspirations for the future. An Action Plan has been developed following the public exhibition of the Two Cities One Community Strategic Plan. The Action Plan details how and when projects will be delivered, and we will report back to the community on the progress of these actions as part of the implementation process.

Our Goals


Regional priorities and cross border issues are addressed by an integrated approach


Our community is well-connected, informed and engaged


We promote business, investment and jobs


Our Councils collaborate with other agencies and all levels of government
Community Aspirations

Promote civic participation

Continue to work together to
maximise opportunities that arise

Provide strong leadership and

Continue to provide opportunities for
community engagement

Address regional priorities with an
integrated approach