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Our Commitment


We’re excited to be presenting an updated plan for the future of Albury and Wodonga, based on the priorities identified by our community during extensive consultation processes.

It’s been pleasing to have our community help to shape this Two Cities One Community (2C1C) Strategic Plan, especially as the original 2C1C concept was an idea driven by the people of both cities. As part of the review, the community was asked for updated views on the following four pillars.

  • Our Economy
  • Partnering in Leadership
  • The Environment
  • Our Community

The updated feedback is especially valuable in helping us to deliver the desired community outcomes.

Many of the regional priorities identified when the plan was first developed in 2017 remain key aspirations for many people. For example, the liveability that makes Albury and Wodonga such desirable places to live, work and play remains near the top of the priority list, while economic development, planning for growth, and infrastructure such as roads, drains and footpaths have also been consistently identified as ongoing priorities.

However, the review has also provided crucial information on the changing of priorities with the times. Health and health services, for example, were ranked fourth in 2017 and first in 2022, reflecting the growing need for a new hospital and associated services that our growing community needs and deserves.

The latest feedback will also help to fine tune our approach to a range of issues under the four pillars so that we can continue to work towards achieving the outcomes that the people of the border cities have identified as important aspirations.

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback on this important process from its inception in 2017 to the highly calibrated document we have today.

The strength of our cross-border community is defined by its people and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to harness the passions, ideas and aspirations of our community as we continue to work together towards a bright, healthy and prosperous future.



Cr Kylie King,
AlburyCity Mayor


Cr Ron Mildren,
Wodonga Mayor


Our two councils, through an historic partnership agreement, have pledged to work more closely together to plan, grow and develop the region. We’ve agreed to work cooperatively to deliver the Two Cities One Community mission.


1. Drive the achievement of community aspirations and ambitions as identified in Albury 2050 and Wodonga 2033 Community Strategic Plans.


 2. Adopt a holistic and innovative approach to regional planning and strategy to deliver value for money outcomes through a co-operative approach to design, funding and implementation of major infrastructure and facilities.

 3. Advocate to all levels of government and partner with key stakeholders to benefit the local economy and the Albury Wodonga lifestyle.

  4. Engage and consult our community to be well informed in our decision making.

 5. Unlock productivity improvements through effective cross border issue resolution.