Kids Pod School Recycling with Jocelyn Owen

Tune in and listen to Wodonga West Primary School Principal Jocelyn Owen talk about the plastic police and how you can reduce plastic at your school

In 2019, Wodonga West Primary School started a sustainability program to reduce the amount of plastic and wrappers at the school. We are pleased to welcome Principal Jocelyn Owen to Kids Pod today to tell us all about the plastic police and how you can reduce plastic at your school too.

Kids Pod episodes focus on sustainable living in Albury-Wodonga. Kids Pod is a locally created series where children aged 12 and under ask adults the questions they really want to know. Nothing is too rude to ask!

Kids Pod is available free to download on iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcast.

Kids Pod was created by Aimee Chan on Wiradjuri land. Jingle by Niki Strauss. Cover art by Glen Strauss. Narration by Jasmine Poulton.

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